How To Get Top Dollar


Making a mistake in selling a home can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profit. Often home sellers make the same mistakes over and over. Avoid these mistakes is easy and takes little time and effort on your part.

DISTRESS SELLING: At times selling quickly or short-selling is unavoidable. That's when knowing the right techniques to sell your home, without looking desperate and making yourself a target for low bidders, really pays off. BEST HOME IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Your home is one of your most personal possessions. Don't be blind to flaws and needed cosmetic improvements. This will cause overvaluing of the home, hurting it's chances to be sold. LIMITED HOME VIEWING: Buyers want to view a home on their own time schedule, not yours. Unfortunately their time schedule does not always coincide with yours. This is why the use of lockboxes is important. RESTRAIN EMOTIONAL DECISIONS: Don't allow a few hundred dollars, that will mean very little in the long run, ruin a sale. Take a look at the big picture and react rationally. MAKE COSMETIC IMPROVEMENTS: Prospects make up their minds within the first twenty minutes. Spending $2,000 on new carpet may mean another $4,000 to the price of your home. REFUSING TO TRUST YOUR AGENT: Would you tell a physician that you've decided to run your own tests and come to your own diagnosis? If you have chosen us as your REALTOR, you can relax in our judgment. We will protect your interests and make the sale as profitable as possible. AVOID FOR SALE BY OWNER: Everything has a price, and selling a home carries a high one. The enormous amount of time and effort required to sell a home often surprises For Sale By Owners. You may loose a lot more than the commission that you are trying to save.