Just For Kids


Moving to a new city for you is a lot easier that it is on teenage brothers and sisters. It is also a whole lot easier than the pressure that relocating puts on your Mom and Dad. To make things easier on you and them, here are ten things we think you may find helpful related to your new move.

1. As you travel on a plane or in the car to Atlanta, bring along your favorite stuffed animal to keep you company.

2. Remember a night light or flashlight for the hotel room.

3. Make sure Mom packed your "special" books for great bedtime stories.

4. Bring a small bag of your favorite toys, games, coloring books and crayons, maybe even a puzzle, to keep you busy while Mom and Dad help the packers unload the van at your new house.

5. When the movers pack your belongings, have them label the boxes with your name so you'll know where your special things are.

6. Have Mom or Dad take some pictures of your best friends and take these photos with you to your new home. Get their addresses and phone numbers, too! This will keep you from being lonely until you make new friends.

7. Give your pet some hugs and take good care of them during the move. It is tough on them, too.

8. Tell your friends that you are moving and give the your new address and phone number when you get theirs.

9. Don't forget to say good-bye to your teachers. Let them know just how much you have appreciated them.

10. Remember moving can be an adventure! Put on a happy face and know that everyone wants you to love your new home and your new neighborhood. See out new friends as soon as you get there.