Just For Teens


We know you are about to embark on a whole new adventure. Atlanta is a wonderful place to live and has so much to offer young adults. In Atlanta almost everybody is from somewhere else so don't worry- you won't be the only "new kid" at school! Here are a few things you can do during the move to help make things easier for you (and your family.)

1. Before you say good-bye, get the address and phone numbers of all your special friends so you can write and call them.

2. Make a memory box. Collect photos, momentos and souvenirs from the community you will be leaving and store them in your special box for safe keeping.

3. Help your family pack, if needed, and ask if you can pack your stuff yourself so everything will be just right (and where you want it) after you get to your new home.

4. Make an effort to get along with everyone, as moving is hard on the whole family.

5. Make sure you or your parents have all your school records needed for your new enrollment.

6. If you are working, ask your current boss for a letter of recommendation before you leave so when you apply for a new job, you'll already have a great reference.

7. Check with your parents to see if they have all your medical and dental records (don't forget the eye doctor, too.)

8. Check with your new school or with CHIP AND KATHY to see if there is a buddy system in place. This will help you make new friends right away.

9. Pack a small bag for your trip to Atlanta. Put in a couple of good paperbacks and your iPod with lots of great music downloaded for the trip.

10. Put together a "sports resume" if you plan on joining or going out for a select sports team. It will impress everyone and make joining the team a lot easier.