Our Team


These are real estate brokers who believe anything is possible. Anything! No excuses, no limitations, no "better luck next time." Start with players like that and you will never end up compromising a dream. Not your typical real estate team, and not your typical results. When you work with a member of the Dream Makers, there is no hierarchy of stars, no race to be number one. We are all in agreement: That position belongs to you.

DANIELLE thinks real estate doesn't need to be constantly reinvented, as the important things, the really great things in life don't go out of style. Like honesty. Follow-through. Knowing territory. Doing Homework. The stuff people never tire of.  To LOTUS, real estate is about far more than finding shelter. She wants your home to be  a golden place where you can make memories that will sustain you your whole life long. DAWSON, doesn't believe in frills, excuses or wasting time. He is a thinker, an anticipator. You won't have to say it twice. You may not even have to say it once. ROMY is laid back, casual and attentive to your every need. Her wisdom comes from experience, patience and practice. CHARLES grew up in real estate here. This business is in his genes, and so is this town. He knows that when real estate is done correctly, you end up with plenty more than just property. You end up with a new way of life.

The Chip and Kathy real estate team. Legendary, experienced and ready to work for you.