Starting The Home Buying Process


1. Know what you are shopping for before you start. Have a clear understanding of the difference between needs (requirements) and wants (desires.) 2. Shop for a mortgage before you shop for a home. All buyers who intend to use financing, need to have a preapproval letter which is required for contract submission in our market. Cash buyers need to have a proof of funds letter. 3. Select an experienced team to assist you. We believe that team should be us. 4. Shop with you head not your heart. The only time to get emotional is when it's finally yours. 5. Use your buyer specialist to help you narrow the field. We only show homes that meet your specific needs and desires. 6. Not all fixer uppers are good buys. If you do not have experience in this area then stay with newer homes. 7. Choose a home with an eye toward future needs. If you are planning a family, four bedroom homes will be better than three. 8. Once you have made the decision to buy, move quickly. Many homes in our market last only a couple days or weeks on the market. 9. Learn as much about the seller or builders motivation or urgency as possible. We can help you here. 10. Don't be afraid to negotiate. Leave your emotions at the door. 11. Use time to your advantage. If you are submitting a low offer, put up a lot of earnest money and ask for a quicker closing than normal. 14. Stay out of bidding wars. Nobody wins in these situations. 15. Know how much you are really paying for your home, outside the principal and interest. This is why home ownership is not for everyone.