About Us


You won't find two more experienced, more outgoing and more respected legends in real estate than Chip and Kathy. Ask any REALTOR that has been around a while. They not only know them, more than likely their paths have crossed. They have cooperated on a sale or taken training with them. Served on one of their many REALTOR leadership committees. They have a following within the real estate community. For you that means respect. If you are a seller, this means that other agents seek out and love working with these two, bringing their best buyers to your property first. As a buyer, their contracts are encouraged and welcomed, and when multiple offers are submitted on the same property, theirs are sometimes pushed and influenced over others. There is nothing these two have not seen or done in real estate.They know all phases of this business. Chip comes from a family well-known for real estate success and dominance in Atlanta. Kathy bring knowledge from the building, developing and remodeling business that you will find  truly invaluable in helping to grow and improve the enjoyment and equity of your purchase. With their hand picked team, they are attentive to your every need. That is why they develop "customers for life." Whether moving arcoss town or across the country, GET TO KNOW CHIP AND KATHY.