For Investors


In the world of commercial/investment real estate, there is nothing higher than this-CCIM, the PhD of real estate. It is only awarded to a select group, who through years of experience, thousands of dollars in money spent, and hundreds of hours of classroom training, passed the most rigorous and demanding standards. It is never bought, but exclusively earned by those who seek to be the very best. This is why such fast food companies as McDonald's and Burger King, and hospitality groups like Hilton and Marriott seek them out. They know they are the very best at what they do and demand the best for their companies. Shouldn't you? Chip has had his CCIM since 1980 and was even President of the Georgia Chapter of CCIM'S back in the mid eighties. He is well respected by his peers and that means opportunities for you. This unique training has allowed Chip to become an avid investor for himself as well as others. He has the experience to know how to create opportunities in real estate almost anywhere. Shouldn't you be working with him? TALK TO CHIP. He knows this business inside and out. He will deliver for you.